WOD: 7-6-12

WOD:  July Baseline:  For maximum reps:

Calorie Row
Power Snatch
Wall Balls


By now most of you know what the fuss was with this WOD (that was fun to say).  In case you were not here, just be assured that no one was tired in the slightest bit nor were they sore the following day.  There will be a different workout for those who are coming in today, but already did the workout on Monday.  Please note that the time domains will NOT be the same at the end of the month. They were pretty reasonable to figure out this time around, but I am hoping that you forget what numbers are by the time we hit August.  No new information will be given on the workout, so be sure that you make friends with someone who did it already to get the 4-1-1.

That is an old school reference!,



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